Titanium wire mesh

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Titanium wire mesh

Types and specifications
1. Titanium Woven Wire Mesh
Material: Titanium wire
Woven pattern: the wires of the weft and the warp intercross woven
Titanium woven wire mesh has several types: flash edge titanium woven wire mesh, wrapped edge titanium woven wire mesh.
Hole pattern: square hole, rectangle hole.
Mesh: 0.5-150
Mesh width: 10mm-2000mm

2. Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh
Material: Titanium panel,Titanium foil
Production process: stamped and stretched
Mesh hole pattern: diamond, triangle, similar hexagonal
Titanium Expanded Metal Mesh opening: 0.3X0.6mm,0.6X1.2mm,1X2mm,1.5X2mm,1.5X3mm,2X3mm,2X4mm,3X6mm,4X8mm,5X10mm,6X12mm and so on.
Mesh thickness: 0.04mm-5mm
Mesh width: 5mm-1000mm

3.Titanium Perforated Metal Mesh:
Material: Titanium panel
Production process: stamped
Mesh hole pattern: round,square, trapezoid,rectangle,triangular,hexagonal, oval and so on.
Specification of Titanium Perforated Metal
Mesh opening dia.:0.8mm-50mm
Mesh thickness: 0.05mm-2mm
Mesh width: 5mm-1000mm

4. Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh
Material: titanium wire
Woven pattern: hook woven
The mesh opening of Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh is similar to the shape of “Ω”.
Titanium Knitted Filter Mesh is mainly used for air and liquid filtration.
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