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Overview of Custom Titanium (Ti) Bolts Stock for Sale

Baoji Yesheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. produces titanium bolts of various grades and specifications, which are widely used in aerospace, deep sea, military industry, medical equipment, chemical industry and other fields.

Features Of Custom Titanium (Ti) Bolts Stock for Sale

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    Aerospace: Titanium is light in weight and high in strength, and is used in aircraft structural parts, engine parts, spacecraft structural parts, etc.

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    Deep sea: Titanium is corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidant, and high-strength. It is mainly used for processing deep-sea oil exploration equipment, ocean depth detection equipment, and ocean energy development equipment.

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    Military industry: It is widely used in the manufacture of key components of weapons and equipment, and can also be used to manufacture armor materials for tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment.

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    Medical devices: Titanium has excellent biocompatibility and good corrosion resistance. It is an ideal material for artificial bone brackets and medical devices. It is mainly used for artificial joints, human implants, and medical tools.

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    Chemical equipment: The corrosion resistance of titanium can be used to manufacture chemical reactors and reactor linings, sewage treatment equipment, and chemical storage tanks and other chemical equipment.

Specification of Custom Titanium (Ti) Bolts Stock for Sale

Product NameTitanium bolts
GradeGR1, GR2, GR5, GR5ELI.
Sizeas your request
StandardDIN931, DIN933, DIN931, DIN125, DIN127, GJB1205-1991.
Brand NameYesheng
Applicationchemical industry, Aerospace, deep sea, military, medical, etc.
FeatureHigh corrosion resistance, low density, good thermal stability, High strength and light weight.
Technicshot rolled, Machining.
SurfaceAnodizing surface, bright surface.
PackingExport Standard Woodcase
MOQas your request
Payment termsT/T, Western Union, PayPal.
CertificateISO 9001:2008; The third test report.
Delivery time10—25days according to the quantity and process of the product
Quality and testIngredient testing
Price Term:CIF CNF/CFR FOB Ex-work

For custom titanium products with more selections and designs, contact us.

Custom Titanium (Ti) Bolts Stock for Bike, Motorcycles and Cars

Custom titanium bolts offer a premium solution for bike, motorcycle, and car enthusiasts seeking lightweight, durable, and high-performance fastening components. Titanium's exceptional strength-to-weight ratio makes it an ideal material for bolts, providing reliable and secure connections without adding unnecessary bulk or weight. Whether it's reducing rotational mass on a high-performance road bike or enhancing suspension components on a motorcycle or car, titanium bolts deliver superior performance and efficiency.

Manufacturers like Yeshengti specialize in producing custom titanium bolts stock and custom titanium bike frame, tailored to the specific needs and preferences of cyclists, motorcyclists, and automotive enthusiasts. These bolts undergo meticulous machining and quality control processes to ensure precision fitment and exceptional durability under demanding conditions.

Cyclists benefit from titanium bolts' corrosion resistance, reducing maintenance requirements and extending the lifespan of critical components. Motorcyclists and car enthusiasts appreciate titanium bolts' ability to withstand extreme temperatures and vibrations without compromising integrity or performance.

With custom titanium bolts stock from trusted manufacturers like Yeshengti, enthusiasts can enhance their bikes, motorcycles, and cars with premium fastening solutions that offer unmatched strength, reliability, and weight savings, ultimately elevating performance and driving enjoyment.

GR1, GR2, GR5, GR5ELI Custom titanium bolts and nuts

GR1, GR2, GR5, and GR5ELI are common grades of titanium used for custom bolts and nuts. GR1 and GR2 are commercially pure titanium grades, offering excellent corrosion resistance and weldability. These grades are suitable for general-purpose applications where high strength is not required.

GR5, also known as Ti-6Al-4V, is a titanium alloy renowned for its exceptional strength-to-weight ratio. It's commonly used in aerospace, automotive, and sports equipment industries. GR5ELI is a medical-grade version of GR5, specifically designed for biomedical implants due to its enhanced biocompatibility.

Custom titanium bolts and nuts made from these grades offer superior strength, corrosion resistance, and lightweight properties. Whether it's for aerospace components, automotive parts, or medical implants, manufacturers like Yeshengti can provide tailored solutions to meet specific requirements, ensuring reliability and performance in diverse applications.

Choose Yeshengti with Corrosion-Resistant Light-Weight Custom-built Titanium (Ti) Bolts

When it comes to selecting custom-built titanium bolts, Yeshengti stands out as a trusted choice. Specializing in corrosion-resistant, lightweight titanium bolts, Yeshengti offers unparalleled quality and performance. Their bolts are meticulously crafted using high-grade titanium alloys, ensuring exceptional strength and durability while minimizing weight.

Yeshengti's expertise in titanium machining and customization allows them to tailor bolts to exact specifications, meeting the unique needs of various industries and applications. Whether it's aerospace, automotive, or sports equipment, Yeshengti delivers bolts that exceed expectations in terms of reliability and longevity.

With Yeshengti, customers can count on superior corrosion resistance, ensuring long-term performance even in harsh environments. Plus, the lightweight nature of titanium enhances efficiency and agility in any application. Choose Yeshengti for corrosion-resistant, lightweight custom-built titanium bolts that offer unmatched quality and reliability.


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