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Overview of Titanium Forgings

Baoji Yesheng Titanium Industry Co., Ltd. produces titanium forgings of various grades and shapes, which are widely used in aerospace, deep sea, military industry, medical equipment, chemical industry and other fields.

Titanium Forgings Application

  • Titanium Bushing
    Yeshengti's Titanium Bushings showcase precision engineering, offering durability and low friction in mechanical applications. Used in automotive and machinery, these forgings ensure smooth operat...
    Titanium Bushing Price

    Titanium Bushing

  • Titanium Cathode Roller
    Crafted with expertise, Yeshengti's Titanium Cathode Rollers excel in electroplating processes. These forgings provide corrosion resistance and high conductivity, ensuring optimal performance in e...
    Titanium Cathode Roller Price

    Titanium Cathode Roller

  • Titanium Cube
    Yeshengti's Titanium Cubes exemplify versatility. Whether used in aerospace or medical applications, these forgings exhibit exceptional strength-to-weight ratio, corrosion resistance, and biocompa...
    Titanium Cube Price

    Titanium Cube

  • Titanium Custom Forged Parts
    Yeshengti's expertise extends to crafting Titanium Custom Forged Parts tailored to specific industrial needs. These forgings offer a perfect blend of strength, precision, and customization, addres...
    Titanium Custom Forged Parts Price

    Titanium Custom Forged Parts

  • Titanium Disc
    Specification of Titanium DiscProduct NameTitanium ForgingsGradeGR1,GR2,GR5,GR5ELI,GR7,GR9,GR12,GR23,Ti-4Al-2V,Ti-4Al-1.5Mn.Sizeas your requestStandardGB/T16598-1996、GIB2218-1994、GJB2220-1994、GJB27...
    Titanium Disc Price

    Titanium Disc

  • Titanium Flange
    Yeshengti's Titanium Flanges redefine durability in high-pressure environments. Ideal for oil and gas industries, these forgings exhibit excellent corrosion resistance and superior strength, ensur...
    Titanium Flange Price

    Titanium Flange

  • Titanium Forged Ring
    Yeshengti's Titanium Forged Rings offer a seamless blend of strength and precision. Widely used in aerospace and power generation, these forgings provide structural integrity and reliability in de...
    Titanium Forged Ring Price

    Titanium Forged Ring

  • Titanium Shaft
    Engineered for precision and endurance, Yeshengti's Titanium Shafts find applications in aerospace and machinery. These forgings exhibit exceptional strength, fatigue resistance, and corrosion res...
    Titanium Shaft Price

    Titanium Shaft


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Specification of Titanium Forgings

Product NameTitanium Forgings
GradeGR1, GR2, GR5, GR5ELI, GR7, GR9, GR12, GR23, Ti-4Al-2V, Ti-4Al-1.5Mn.
Sizeas your request
StandardGB/T16598-1996, GIB2218-1994, GJB2220-1994, GJB2744-1996, GJB391-1987, GJB943-1900, ASTM B381-2005, ASTM F620-2002, AMS4924-2002, AMS4926-2001, AMS4928-2001, AMS4930-2001, AMS4965-2002, AN1S4966-2003, AMS4967-2001, ASM4973-2002, ASM4983-2002, ASN14985-2003, ASM4991-2002, MIL-F-83142-2000, BS2TA9: 1973, BS2TA13:1974, BS2TA24:1973, BSTA42: 1993, BSTA51: 1993, JISH4657-1998, DIN17864-1993, NFL14-602 1984, NFL14-604 1984, NFL14-612 1984
Brand NameYesheng
Applicationchemical industry, Aerospace, deep sea, military, medical, etc.
FeatureHigh corrosion resistance, low density, good thermal stability, High strength and light weight.
TechnicsForging Process
SurfaceAnnealed surface, Polished surface.
PackingExport Standard Woodcase
MOQas your request
Payment termsT/T, Western Union, PayPal.
CertificateISO 9001:2008; The third test report.
Delivery time10—25days according to the quantity and process of the product
Quality and testIngredient testing
Price Term:CIF CNF/CFR FOB Ex-work

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Aerospace: Titanium is light in weight and high in strength, and is used in aircraft structural parts, engine parts, spacecraft structural parts, etc.

Deep sea: Titanium is corrosion-resistant, anti-oxidant, and high-strength. It is mainly used for processing deep-sea oil exploration equipment, ocean depth detection equipment, and ocean energy development equipment.

Military industry: It is widely used in the manufacture of key components of weapons and equipment, and can also be used to manufacture armor materials for tanks, armored vehicles and other equipment.

Medical devices: Titanium has excellent biocompatibility and good corrosion resistance. It is an ideal material for artificial bone brackets and medical devices. It is mainly used for artificial joints, human implants, and medical tools.

Chemical equipment: The corrosion resistance of titanium can be used to manufacture chemical reactors and reactor linings, sewage treatment equipment, and chemical storage tanks and other chemical equipment.

Advantages of Yeshengti Titanium Forgings

Precision Engineering:

Yeshengti's titanium forgings undergo meticulous engineering, ensuring dimensional accuracy and superior quality in each product. Precision is the hallmark of our forging expertise.

Corrosion Resistance:

Titanium's innate corrosion resistance is amplified in Yeshengti's forgings. This characteristic makes our titanium forgings ideal for applications in corrosive environments, ensuring longevity and performance.


Yeshengti takes pride in offering customized solutions. Our Titanium Custom Forged Parts and other forgings can be tailored to specific dimensions and requirements, providing clients with optimal solutions for their unique applications.


From aerospace to chemical processing, Yeshengti's titanium forgings demonstrate versatility. Their adaptability to various industries underscores the diverse applications and advantages they bring to each sector.

Yeshengti Titanium Forging Company's commitment to precision, durability, and customization positions our titanium forgings as reliable components in critical industries, driving innovation and excellence in engineering.

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