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  • Grade 1 titanium plate company
  • GR1 titanium plate company

Overview of Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate

Yesheng Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate is a high-quality, commercially pure titanium plate made from grade 1 titanium. Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate Manufacturer is a popular choice because of its excellent strength, low weight, and good corrosion resistance, making it suitable for use in many applications such as aerospace, marine, industrial, and medical industries. Contact Yesheng for bulk competitive Ti GR1 titanium plate price.

Features of Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate

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    High strength-to-weight ratio: Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate is lightweight and has a high strength-to-weight ratio, making it ideal for applications requiring strength and low weight.

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    Excellent corrosion resistance: Titanium is known for its excellent corrosion resistance, making Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate perfect for use in harsh environments.

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    Biocompatible: Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate is compatible with human tissues and can be used in medical implants.

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    High melting point: This grade of titanium has a high melting point, making it ideal for high-temperature applications.

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    Ductility: Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate is ductile, meaning it can be easily formed into various shapes and sizes.

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    Non-magnetic: Titanium is not magnetic, making it suitable for use in sensitive electronic equipment.

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    Versatile: Ti Gr1 Titanium Plate can be used in a variety of applications, such as aerospace, marine, medical, and industrial.

Specification of Gr1 Titanium Plate

Product NameTitanium plate/sheet
GradeGR1, GR2, GR5, GR5ELI, GR7, GR9, GR12, GR23, Ti-4Al-2V, Ti-4Al-1.5Mn.
Sizethickness 0.1mm-40mm*length*Width or as your request
StandardAMS 4900-2001, AMS 4900-2002, AMS4902-2001, AMS4907-2001, AMS4910-2003, AMS4911-2003, ASTM B265-2005, ASTM F67-2000, ASTM F136-2002, ASTM F2063-2000, MIL-T-9046-1999, MIL-T-46077, BS2TA1: 1974, BS2TA2: 1973, BS2TA6: 1973, BS2TA10:1974, BS2TA21: 1973, BSTA56: 1993, BSTA57: 1993, BSTA58: 1993, GJB2505-1995, GJB2921-1997, GJB944-1900, GB/T 3622-1999, GB/T 3621-2007, GB/T 14845-2007, GB/T 8546-2007, GB/T 8547-2006, ΓOCT22178-90, ΓOCT23755-87, JISH4600-1993, DIN17860-1990
Brand NameYesheng titanium plate company
Applicationchemical industry, Aerospace, deep sea, military, medical, etc.
FeatureHigh corrosion resistance, low density, good thermal stability, High strength and light weight.
Technicshot rolled and cold rolled
SurfaceAnnealed surface, Pickled surface, bright surface, sandblasted surface
PackingExport Standard Woodcase
MOQas your request
Payment termsT/T, Western Union, PayPal.
CertificateISO 9001:2008; The third test report.
Delivery time10—25days according to the quantity and process of the product
Quality and testIngredient testing
Price Term:CIF CNF/CFR FOB Ex-work

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Ti Gr1 titanium plate Applications

Yesheng's ASME SB265 AMS491 ASTM B265 Ti Gr1 titanium plate finds extensive applications in diverse industries. Notably, the GR1 titanium plate excels in serving as a crucial component in plate heat exchangers, providing exceptional heat transfer efficiency. It is also well-suited for use in chemical equipment, contributing to corrosion-resistant and durable solutions. In chlor-alkali production, desalination processes, and anode applications, the GR1 titanium plate demonstrates its versatility, showcasing Yesheng's titanium plate company commitment to providing a high-quality material that meets the stringent demands of various industrial applications.

ASME SB265 AMS491 ASTM B265 Ti Gr1 titanium plate

Yesheng's ASME SB265 AMS491 ASTM B265 Ti Gr1 titanium plate stands out as a premium-grade solution with versatile applications. Known for its exceptional properties, including corrosion resistance and durability, this titanium steel plate is well-suited for various industries. GR1 titanium plate excels in plate heat exchangers, chemical equipment, chlor-alkali production, desalination, and anodes. Yesheng titanium plate company also offers GR2 titanium plate and GR5 titanium plate, providing a comprehensive range to meet diverse needs. These plates adhere to stringent ASME and ASTM standards, ensuring top-notch quality. Whether it's GR1, GR2 titanium plate, or GR5 titanium plate, Yesheng's titanium plates signify reliability, performance, and adaptability in demanding industrial applications.

Ti Gr1 Series Products

GR1 titanium ingot

GR1 titanium billet

GR1 titanium round rod

GR1 titanium tube

GR1 titanium wire

GR1 titanium ball

GR1 titanium powder


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