Custom Sizes titanium bars stock for sale from Yeshengti

Custom Sizes titanium bars stock for sale from Yeshengti

Yeshengti stands at the forefront of providing a diverse range of titanium bars, catering to custom sizes and specifications. With a comprehensive stock including Titanium Round Bar, Titanium Hex Bar, Titanium Square Bar, and Titanium Flat Bar, Yeshengti is a reliable supplier meeting the varied needs of industries. Let's explore the specifications, grades, and thickness options of these titanium bars and delve into the wide array of applications they serve across different sectors.

Yeshengti Titanium Bars Stock Specifications

1. Titanium Round Bar Stock

Grade: Yeshengti offers a range of titanium grades for round bar titanium, including Grade 1, Grade 2, Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V), and Grade 7.

Specifications: Diameter ranges from 3mm to 300mm, with lengths customizable to meet specific project requirements.

Thickness: The thickness varies based on the diameter and length requirements, ensuring flexibility in applications.

2. Titanium Hex Bar Stock

Grade: Yeshengti provides titanium hex bar stock in Grade 2 and Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V).

Specifications: Hexagonal bars are available in different sizes, with dimensions customizable according to the project needs.

Thickness: The thickness of Titanium Hex Bars depends on the specific dimensions chosen, offering versatility for various applications.

3. Titanium Square Bar Stock

Grade: Square Bars are available in Grade 2 and Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V).

Specifications: Yeshengti offers a range of square bar sizes, allowing customers to choose dimensions that suit their requirements.

Thickness: The thickness is tailored based on the selected dimensions, ensuring precise specifications for diverse applications.

4. Titanium Flat Bar Stock

Grade: Yeshengti's Titanium Flat Bars are offered in Grade 2 and Grade 5 (Ti-6Al-4V).

Specifications: These titanium flat stock are available in various widths and thicknesses, providing options for customization.

Thickness: The thickness of titanium flat bar is adjusted based on the width and length requirements, ensuring suitability for different applications.

Applications of Yeshengti Titanium Bars

1. Aerospace

Yeshengti Titanium Bars play a crucial role in aerospace applications, including engine components, airframe structures, landing gear components, and control surfaces. The combination of strength, lightweight properties, and corrosion resistance makes these bars an ideal choice for the demanding aerospace industry.

2. Marine

In the marine industry, Yeshengti Titanium Bars find applications in ship hulls, propulsion systems, offshore oil and gas equipment, and various marine components. The resistance to corrosion in saltwater environments and the ability to withstand high pressures contribute to their effectiveness in marine applications.

3. Medical

Yeshengti Titanium Bars are widely used in the medical field for applications such as surgical implants and medical equipment frames. The biocompatibility of titanium ensures that these bars are accepted by the body's tissues, making them suitable for critical medical applications.

4. Military

For military applications, Yeshengti Titanium Bars are employed in aircraft and missile components, armor plating, helmets, and body armor. The combination of strength, lightweight design, and resistance to corrosion aligns with the stringent requirements of military-grade materials.

5. Petroleum Industry

In the petroleum industry, Yeshengti Titanium Bars are utilized in drilling rig components, drill pipes, casings, wellheads, and manifolds. The corrosion resistance of titanium is particularly advantageous in the harsh conditions of oil and gas exploration and extraction.

6. Chemical Equipment

Yeshengti Titanium Bars contribute to the construction of chemical reactors, vessels, pipes, and valves in chemical processing applications. The resistance to corrosion from a wide range of chemicals makes them suitable for handling corrosive substances.

7. 3D Printing

Yeshengti Titanium Bars are increasingly used in 3D printing applications for prototypes, functional parts, and custom-made products. The combination of strength, lightweight properties, and corrosion resistance aligns with the requirements of advanced manufacturing processes.

8. Daily Life

In everyday consumer goods, Yeshengti Titanium Bars find applications in cookware, cutlery, watches, jewelry, and other items. The lightweight, strong, and corrosion-resistant properties contribute to the durability and aesthetic appeal of these products.

Yeshengti's Titanium Bars Stock, featuring Round Bars, Hex Bars, Square Bars, and Flat Bars, offers a wide range of options to meet the specific needs of diverse industries. With a focus on providing high-quality titanium bars in custom sizes and specifications, Yeshengti continues to be a reliable partner for titanium bars for sale in aerospace, marine, medical, military, petroleum, chemical, 3D printing, and daily life. The versatility, strength, and corrosion resistance of Yeshengti Titanium Bars make them an integral component in advancing technologies and improving product performance across various sectors.


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