Titanium anodizing processing and applications

Titanium anodizing processing and applications

Titanium anodizing is an electrolytic surface treatment process that alters the oxide layer on the surface of titanium using electric current. This process enhances the corrosion resistance of titanium and changes its properties. It is an electrochemical surface treatment that alters the characteristics of the metal by establishing an oxide film on its surface. This process can be used to change the color of titanium and improve its corrosion resistance.

This process can also be applied to aluminum, but dyeing of the aluminum components is required during the process to achieve the desired colors. One method of titanium anodizing involves the use of a chemical battery, with the titanium part serving as the anode, hence the name "anodizing".

In summary, titanium anodizing is an important surface treatment method that can be used to alter the properties and colors of titanium and aluminum alloy components.


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